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LUPO is a leader company in the construction of LED lighting systems for photography, video and TV studios and since its very first approach to the LED technology it concentrated on the high quality of the light and in particular on the color rendering.

LUPO was the first company on the market to introduce LED panels for photography and video with a color rendering higher than 94 developed during many years of research.

LUPO fixtures use special LEDs with the exclusive "True Colors" technology offering higher performances in terms of color rendering.

Why the color rendering index (CRI) is so important:
The color rendering index of a light source measures how natural the colors of the objetcs illuminated by it are revealed.

LED lighting fixtures by LUPO have a CRI value higher than 94. This means that they emit higher quality light, that can be mixed with sunlight or incandescent light source.

"True Colors" Technology
Normal LEDs use only yellow phosphors in combination with blue emission chips that generate low CRI values and generally unpleasant green casts.
"True Colors" LEDs used in LUPO lights use a particular mixture phosphors made up not only of yellow phosphors but also of red and green ones that allow to reach high CRI values.

High TLCI values
LUPO "True Colors" LEDs reach very high TLCI values (Television Lighting Consintancy Index), between 92 and 97.




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