Over HelmutFX

Software developers at MoovIT have developed HelmutFX, a tool that simplifies production management and streamlines working processes.

One of HelmutFX's key features is to integrate everything into your existing workflow, not vice versa.

HelmutFX is a standard, off-the-shelf product with a modular design. As a result, it is capable of handling administrative and organisational tasks in every production environment. In post-production, the tool works in a similar way to an enterprise service bus. It is able to communicate with all connected systems (ingest, archive, backup, MAM, PAM, etc.). The tool supports workflows that already function well, and helps eliminate issues. Consequently, editors can focus fully on creative tasks and processes.

Broadcasting organisations and production houses have recognised that this easy-to-install, user-friendly tool can help them to significantly streamline and optimise complex processes.



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