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Colorfront is one of Europe's leading digital intermediate and post production facilities, based in Budapest, Hungary. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence DI, as the original authors of Lustre, Autodesk's best-selling DI grading system.

Combining this in-depth expertise with the in-house development of additional proprietary technologies for dailies processing, conform and finishing, Colorfront offers today's most advanced technologies for digital dailies, DI grading, visual effects, digital assembly of entire feature films, online and offline editing, digital opticals for features and trailers, digital cinema mastering and deliverables.

Apart from its technical resources, Colorfront's greatest strength is its people: with decades of combined experience in groundbraking digital film technology development and working with some of the world's greatest filmmakers, our team is uniquely experienced in dealing with the most high end productions in both feature films and prime-time episodic television.


HDR10+TM logo is a trademark of HDR10+ Technologies, LLC.

Colorfront Transkoder 2018 is a fully compliant product supporting HDR10+.

HDR10+ was developed by HDR10+ Technologies—a joint venture by 20th Century Fox, Panasonic, and Samsung—to offer an improvement to the existing HDR10 standard. HDR10+ allows content creators to include dynamic metadata in each frame.

Netflix Production Technology Alliance

Colorfront is committed to working closely with Netflix to innovate production workflows and support creatives globally.

Colorfront Transkoder was used on some of the most iconic Netflix shows to create and deliver the latest 4K HDR Dolby Vision IMF masters to Netflix.

Colorfront Transkoder is a Netflix Production Technology Alliance Product that meets Netflix technical and delivery specifications today and will continue to do so in the future.

For more info please see ptap.netflixstudios.com

2018 Software

Academy Award and Emmy Award winning software developer Colorfront provides pioneering high-resolution on-set digital processing systems for the most demanding feature film and TV productions.

Transkoder Customers

Top facilities from around the world are already using Colorfront Transkoder:

[new] Colorfront Engine Whitepaper [2.8MB]

Transkoder Highlights

DCP and IMF – Industry-leading IMF, DCP, ProRes mastering, authoring, validation, and QC tool
Performance – 4K DCP/UHD IMF and HEVC encoding at 100+ FPS
RAW support – Highest quality RAW deBayering from any camera from ALEXA65 & Panavision DXL to Sony Cinealta Venice
Colorfront Engine – Award Winning 32-bits per channel managed look pipeline built on ACES
Watermarking – NexGuard forensic watermarking from Civolution even in 4K and HDR
HDR – Dolby Vision an HDR10plus support and industry leading HDR OTT mastering tools
HDR Cinema– Dolby Cinema an Eclair Color support / industry leading HDR cinema mastering tools
Dolby Atmos – Transkoder is certified to create DCPs with Dolby Atmos audio
2x UltraHD 4K – dual real-time 4K video outputs for concurrent HDR / SDR mastering
PC, Mac & Cloud – Running on off-the-shelf workstation, with multiple GPUs


More information: [email protected]




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